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Lindy Hop
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Begin Closed facing position.
11Left foot side & slightly forward in cross-body position.Turn upper body slightly to right and extend arms to right, leading lady to step back away from you. 
22Replace weight to right foot.Turn upper body slightly to left (squaring off) and retract arms toward body, leading lady to replace weight forward. 
3-53a4Compact triple step, LRL.1/4 turn to left over 3-5. Increase tone in arms and extend them forward, leading lady to run forward, passing from your right side toward your left, turning to end in front of you. Release right hand from lady's shoulder. 
6-85a6Anchor triple step, RLR.End in open facing position, LH-RH hold. 
Begin Closed facing position.
11Right foot back in cross-body position, away from partner.1/4 turn to right between previous step and 1. 
22Replace weight to left foot. 
3-53a4Triple step forward or 3 forward runs, ended back.1/2 turn to right over 3-5. Release left hand from man's shoulder. 
6-85a6Anchor triple step, LRL.End in open facing position, LH-RH hold. 

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