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Cross Body Lead
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5. Cross Body Lead

Yet another essential part of the Salsa dancer's repertoire, the Cross Body Lead is a turning version of the basic step, giving dancers more liberty to move freely around the dance floor.

The Cross Body Lead is normally danced with a total of 1/2 turn to the left, but most interesting is the difference of timing between the man and lady's turn: The man will first turn away from the lady, and she will turn later. This results in the lady passing briefly in front of the man, giving the Cross Body Lead its name.

Fig. 1 - Cross Body Position
Man turns away from lady, leading her to dance in front of his body from his right side to his left.

5b. Cross Body Lead in Open Position

As an alternative to the basic closed position, the Cross Body Lead can also be danced in open facing position using a one- or two-hand hold, or cross-hand hold such as RH-RH.

5. Cross Body Lead
Begin Closed facing position.
1QuickLeft foot forward. 
2QuickReplace weight to right foot. 
3SlowLeft foot side in cross-body lead position.1/4 turn to left between 2-3. 
4QuickRight foot back in cross-body lead position.Begin to turn to left. 
5QuickReplace weight to left foot, toe turned out.1/8 turn to left between 4-5. 
6SlowRight foot forward.1/8 turn to left between 5-6. End in closed facing position. 
5. Cross Body Lead
Begin Closed facing position.
1QuickRight foot back. 
2QuickReplace weight to left foot. 
3SlowRight foot forward in cross-body lead position. 
4QuickLeft foot forward in cross-body position.Begin to turn to left. 
5QuickRight foot back.1/2 turn to left between 4-5. 
6SlowLeft foot back.End in closed facing position. 

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