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American Style Foxtrot
Back Basic
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1b. Back Basic

The Back Basic is simply the reverse of the Forward Basic. It is also comprised of two walks followed by a chasse, to the count of "Slow, Slow, Quick Quick", but with man moving backwards and lady forward.

In practical application, the Back Basic is rarely danced exactly as-is. Normally it is taken with a quarter turn (or more) over steps 2-4 in order to prepare another forward movement. Without the turn, the Back Basic puts the man in the awkward position of having to move blindly backwards for an extended period of time. Therefore, it is used primarily as a teaching tool in order to prepare students for the turning version (see Progressive Quarter Turns). If one must dance a Back Basic in practical application on a dance floor with other dancers around them, it should be danced once and not repeated.

Begin Closed position, backing line of dance.
1SlowLeft foot back. 
2SlowRight foot back. 
3QuickLeft foot side & slightly back. 
4QuickClose right foot to left foot. 
Begin Closed position, facing line of dance.
1SlowRight foot forward. 
2SlowLeft foot forward. 
3QuickRight foot side & slightly forward. 
4QuickClose left foot to right foot. 
Forward Basic>> Back Basic
Back Basic>> Back Basic
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Left Box (Reverse) Turn>> Back Basic
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Promenade>> Back Basicif man turns to lady at end of promenade
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1-4 Progressive Quarter Turns>> Back Basic
Forward Changes O.P.>> Back Basicat a corner
Back Basic>> Forward Basic
Back Basic>> Back Basic
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