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American Style Cha Cha
Crossover with Double Rock
4. Crossover with Double Rock
Fact Sheet
Official Name:Crossover with Double Rock
Dance / Level:Beginning Bronze American Style Cha Cha
Aliases:Double Crossover, Crossover Double Break, New York with Double Break

This is, exactly as the name implies, a Crossover Break with two consecutive rock steps (per side). It is popular as a social variation, and useful as a tool to learn how to lead and follow using one-hand connections in open position.

The Crossover with Double Rock is typically the first pattern one learns that represents a departure from the normal 2,3,4&1 rhythm. It is, in fact, the only pattern in the beginning bronze syllabus that uses anything other than the basic 2,3, 4&1 Cha Cha timing.

Following a chasse to right (4&1), man and lady turn to left side-by-side position to dance a Crossover Break to left, taking two consecutive forward rock steps (2,3,4,1). This is followed by a chasse to left in open facing position (2&3), then turning to right side-by-side position to dance a Crossover Break to right (4,1,2,3). Partners then turn once again to open facing position to finish with a chasse to right (4&1).

Note the unusual timing of the chasse to left which occurs between the two Crossovers -- 2&3. This makes it necessary to always dance the Crossovers with Double Rock in pairs: The first double rock will offset the timing, and the second will set it straight. (To dance just one double rock would leave the remainder of the dance in 4,1,2&3 timing). Although they should be danced twice, the order could be reversed, with the Crossover to right being danced first.


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