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Progressive Link
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3. Progressive Link

The Progressive Link is one of the most characteristic steps in International Tango and just one of many ways to achieve promenade position. Although it is a very simple figure consisting of only two steps, it is nonetheless a very difficult movement to master.

The first step for the man is a forward step on the left foot in CBMP toward diagonal wall (lady right foot back in CBMP). Turning his body to the right, the man then places his right foot to the side and slightly back in promenade position. The lady's first step is back with her right foot is CBMP toward diagonal wall. She then turns 1/4 to left, slightly around the man, to end in promenade position facing diagonal center. The couple will then follow with a promenade figure moving along line of dance.

The emphasis of this step is a quick, accented transition from closed position to promenade position. The transition happens between the first and the second step. As the man and lady move across the first step, they must begin to rotate into promenade position finishing the turn as or slightly before the second foot strikes.

Ladies note: The footwork for the first step is ball heel. However, the heel of the right foot should only graze the floor. If one allows the body weight to move back too far, it will be very difficult to change the direction of movement for the second step.

Begin Closed position.
1QuickLeft foot forward in CBMP.Toward diagonal wall. 
2QuickRight foot side & slightly back in promenade position.Feet pointing diagonal wall, but right foot is placed directly behind left foot in relationship to line of dance. 
Begin Closed position.
1QuickRight foot back in CBMP.Toward diagonal wall. 
2QuckLeft foot side & slightly back in promenade position.1/4 turn to right between 1-2. Feet pointing diagonal center, but left foot is placed directly behind right foot in relationship to line of dance. 
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