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Quarter Turn to Right
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1. Quarter Turn to Right

The Quarter Turn to Right is a simple right-turning 4-step figure that progresses down line of dance, to the counts "Slow, quick quick slow". It is often used as the first movement of the dance, and is typically danced in conjunction with the [step]Progressive Chassé||328[/step].

The figure begins with man facing (and lady backing) diagonal wall. His first three steps are similar to a Natural Turn -- Right foot forward, left foot side, and closing right foot to left foot, turning 1/4 to right to end backing diagonal center. His last step is side and slightly back on his left foot. The lady's part is nearly the natural opposite, except that her last step is described as diagonally forward, due to the slight body turn as the step is taken.

When danced in alternating succession, the Quarter Turn to Right and Progressive Chassé form a sort of zig zag pattern that progresses down line of dance. These two figures alone are enough to form a complete dance for an absolute newcomer, although the sequence must be modified slightly navigating around corners. This can be done either by (1) underturning the Quarter Turn and overturning the Progressive Chassé, or (2) dancing a [step]Checked Chasse||711[/step] in lieu of the normal [step]Progressive Chassé||328[/step].

As written in the man's and lady's charts, the first step of the Quarter Turn is taken with man and lady dancing inline. It is also common to take the first step of this figure with man stepping forward outside partner on lady's right side. This will be necessary when following any figure ended in this way, such as Progressive Chassé or Forward Lock. Click on the tabs above for a complete list of preceding and following figures.

Begin Closed position , facing diagonal wall.
1SlowRight foot forward.Begin to turn to right. 
2QuickLeft foot side.1/8 turn to right between 1-2. 
3QuickClose right foot to left foot.1/8 turn to right between 2-3. 
4SlowLeft foot side & slightly back.End backing diagonal center. 
Begin Closed position, backing diagonal wall.
1SlowLeft foot back.Begin to turn to right. 
2QuickRight foot side.1/4 turn to right between 1-2, body turns less. 
3QuickClose left foot to right foot.Body completes turn. 
4SlowRight foot diagonally forward.End facing diagonal center. 
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Running Finish>> Quarter Turn to Right
Cross Chasse>> Quarter Turn to Right
Fishtail>> Quarter Turn to Right
Running Right Turn>> Quarter Turn to Right
Four Quick Run>> Quarter Turn to Right
V6>> Quarter Turn to Right
Closed Telemark>> Quarter Turn to Right
Six Quick Run>> Quarter Turn to Right
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