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Forward Lock
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3. Forward Lock

The Forward Lock is a progressive figure consisting of 4 steps, taken to the counts "slow, quick quick slow", where the feet are crossed on the third step.

To dance a Forward Lock, the man begins facing diagonal wall and steps forward on the right foot, outside partner on lady's right, then diagonally forward with the left, crossing the right foot behind the left, and finally diagonally forward with the left foot. There is no turn, and so the figure ends as it began, with the man facing diagonal wall, preparing to step forward on his right foot. Note, however, that the following figure begins with the man stepping outside partner on the lady's right side.

The lady's part is mostly the natural opposite, with one exception: Her second step is back, not diagonally back, which allows a space for her left foot to cross on the following step. It should be noted that the lady crosses her left foot in front of, not behind her right.

The first step of the Forward Lock is normally taken beginning with the man stepping outside partner. It can therefore be repeated as desired, with each repeat beginning in the outside partner position.

Begin Closed position, facing diagonal wall (body turned slightly to right).
1SlowRight foot forward in CBMP, outside partner. 
2QuickLeft foot diagonally forward. 
3QuickCross right foot behind left foot. 
4SlowLeft foot diagonally forward. 
(1)SlowRight foot forward in CBMP, outside partner, as first step of following figure. 
Begin Closed position, backing diagonal wall, body turned slightly to right.
1SlowLeft foot back in CBMP, partner outside. 
2QuickRight foot back. 
3QuickCross left foot in front of right foot. 
4SlowRight foot diagonally back. 
(1)SlowLeft foot back in CBMP, partner outside, as first step of following figure. 
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