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American Style Foxtrot
Promenade w/ Underarm Turn to Right
11. Promenade w/ Underarm Turn to Right
Fact Sheet
Official Name:Promenade w/ Underarm Turn to Right
Dance / Level:Intermediate Bronze American Style Foxtrot
Aliases:Underarm Turn to Right from Promenade, Outside Underarm Turn

The Promenade can be danced while leading the lady to do an underarm turn either to the right (outside) or left (inside). The simpler of the two -- not to mention more common -- is the Promenade with Underarm Turn to Right.

The underarm turn itself is taken during the man's chasse on the QQ counts, following two walks in promenade position. It also finishes in promenade position, and therefore is followed by another promenade figure. The most typical follow is the basic Promenade (figure), but any variation thereof is acceptable, e.g. Promenade with Underarm Turn to Left, Promenade Check, Promenade Pivot, etc.

It should be noted that in order to maintain her position relative to the man, it will be necessary for the lady to take a very small step on the second quick count. If the lady's step is too big, she will advance on the man and end slightly ahead of him in promenade position.

Side Sway w/ Underarm Turn to R.
The Side Sway with Underarm turn to Right is a popular variation, and can be easily mixed with the Promenade version in various ways to create interesting combinations. The Side Sway action, when used, simply replaces the two walks in promenade position either before or after the underarm turn (or both).

Turning on the Slow Counts
Another version of the Promenade w/ Underarm Turn to Right is very popular with novice dancers and wedding couples, since it is even easier to execute than the one outlined in the charts: Rather than leading the underarm turn on the QQ counts, the man leads the underarm turn while taking his two promenade walks on the two slow counts. This version allows the lady more time to turn casually over 4 beats of music, without the need to take a smaller second step as she pivots. The couple then returns to closed position on the QQ chasse that follows.


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