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American Style Foxtrot
Right Box (Natural) Turn
10. Right Box (Natural) Turn
Fact Sheet
Official Name:Right Box (Natural) Turn
Dance / Level:Intermediate Bronze American Style Foxtrot
Aliases:Box Step, Right Box Turn, Natural Turn, Closed Natural Turn, Natural Chasse Turn

The Right Box, or Natural Turn, is the counterpart to the Left Box Turn. Although normally a pattern of 6 steps, the Right Box Turn in Bronze Foxtrot actually consists of 8 steps in total: The core 6-step box-like pattern, along with a leading and trailing walk. These two extra steps are important, as they act as a type of Change Step, allowing the dancers to transition into and out of the Right Box Turn.

The figure begins with man facing, and lady backing diagonal wall. The man takes one forward walk on his left foot (lady back on right foot), counted "slow". They then dance the first 3 steps of a Waltz Right Box Turn (forward, side, close) with 3/8 turn to right, to end with man backing (lady facing) line of dance, counted "slow, quick, quick". They continue with the next 3 steps of the Waltz Right Box Turn (back, side, close) with 3/8 turn to right, to end with man facing (lady backing) diagonal center, counted "slow, quick, quick". The last step is forward on the man's right foot (lady back on left foot), counted "slow".

The leading and trailing walks are considered to be the strongest transition from Left to Right Box Turns in Bronze Foxtrot, because they do the best job of expressing the character of the dance at this level. However, other options exist, including Waltz Forward Changes, Forward Changes O.P. (alignment permitting), Passing Changes (silver level), or any other figure that functions as a basic as a forward change.

Another interesting observation about the use of a single walk before the Right Box Turn: The resulting combination is nearly identical to the first 4 steps of Progressive Quarter Turns and the Right Pivot Turn.

Additionally, the core 6-step Right Box pattern (steps 2-7 of the figure as written in the charts) can be danced as a repeating pattern, if underturned at a corner, or as a spot pattern on crowded, social dance floors. Acceptable amounts of turn for a Right Box Turn taken on the spot are the same as for the Left Box: None, or up to 3/8 to right per measure.

Outside Partner Variations
In a manner similar to the Progressive Quarter Turns Outside Partner, a suitable variation of the Right Box Turn begins with man stepping forward on his left foot with left side leading, so that he can step outside partner on his right foot on step 2. The same can be done on step 8, in order to step outside partner on the lady's left side on the first step of the following figure. However, it is better for the man to take step 8 to the side & slightly forward with right side leading to prepare this position.


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