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American Style Foxtrot
Progressive Quarter Turns to Right
7. Progressive Quarter Turns to Right
Fact Sheet
Official Name:Progressive Quarter Turns to Right
Dance / Level:Intermediate Bronze American Style Foxtrot
Aliases:Progressive Chasse to Right

Whereas the basic Progressive Quarter Turns begin with man facing diagonal wall and progress in a zig zag fashion to his left, the Progressive Quarter Turns to Right begin with man facing diagonal center and progress in a zig zag fashion to his right. They provide a nice alternative to the abundance of "wall-bound" figures that populate the majority of the intermediate bronze Foxtrot syllabus. They also provide additional options for maneuvering and floorcraft while facing diagonal to center.

It's easiest to think of the pattern as a mirror image of the basic Progressive Quarter Turns (to left), commencing with the man's right foot (lady's left foot). This is the only figure in the intermediate bronze syllabus to begin on the opposite foot. This, of course, leads us to the question, How does the man end up with his right foot free to begin the figure?

As it turns out, there are many methods, which can be reviewed in the list of precedes & follows. Most involve truncating either the end of the previous figure (e.g. 1-7 Natural Turn to progressive Quarter Turn), or the beginning of the Progressive Quarter Turn itself (e.g. Right Pivot Turn to 2-8 Progressive Quarter Turn to R). An especially popular precede is 1-3 Forward Changes O.P., taking the first step of the Progressive Quarter Turns with man's RF outside partner.

Inline and Outside Partner Variations
Like their cousins, the Progressive Quarter Turns to Right can be taken inline or with outside partner variations. The inline and outside partner variants can be freely mixed together as desired. The version described in the charts is the most popular, where the first basic is taken inline and the second with lady outside partner on man's right. However, these could be reversed, or both basics be taken inline or outside partner.

The method for achieving outside partner position on step 2 will be similar to the basic Quarter Turns: Step 1 is taken with a slight body turn to left, resulting in a right side lead for the man as he prepares to step outside partner on the lady's left side on 2. To stay inline on the second basic, the man should remain squarely in front of the lady and take step 5 straight back.


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